Ships, Pipes & Concrete

Regular inspection of ageing infrastructures such as wind turbines, bridges, silos, storage tanks, ship hulls, and pipes are crucial to maintaining their performance and safety with minimum capital outlay. These inspections are often in difficult to reach areas and require placement of sensors in contact with the structure to gather more information about the material thickness and the internal structural integrity.

Non-Destructive Testing as these examinations are called, typically require rope access teams, the building of scaffoldings or crane trucks, which is costly, time-consuming and exposes workers to hazards. Furthermore, this laborious inspections often lead to a significant downtime of the plant and thus cause further costs.

Voliro’s fully actuated unique drone truly brings “Hands in the Sky”. It enables to exert forces and moments in all directions, making physical interaction with the environment reliable, robust and stable. Voliro can offer visual, thermal and contact-based Non-Destructive Testing inspection of elevated structures. We offer a safer, faster and cheaper solution to perform industrial assets inspection and monitoring.

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

The infrastructure of oil, gas and petrochemical plants is complex and needs to be inspected frequently to guarantee safe operations. Today, drones conduct visual inspections while humans still have to go into dangerous situations in order to conduct physical inspections.

Voliro offers full visual, thermal and NDT inspection of inside and outside surfaces up to 200 m on flare stacks, non-piggable pipes and above ground tanks. We are able to conduct Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) or Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) technologies to detect anomalies on exposed or thermally isolated pipes. Our inspection can be automated on a grid, and data collected are presented on a 3D model of the obstacle.

Wind power

Wind turbine blades need to be inspected frequently to guarantee unrestricted operation. Delamination of wind turbine blades is hard to detect visually, and when seen, it is too late. Therefore, a physical inspection is inevitable.

Voliro offers ultrasonic blade and Lightening Protection System (LPS) inspection to early detect delamination of wind turbine blades. Thereby, minimal downtime of the wind turbine and no need for rope access is guaranteed. With advanced navigation systems and the unique capabilities of our omnidirectional drone, we are able to conduct a reliable inspection at hard-to-reach areas. Automation and advanced data processing increase inspection efficiency and quality.


Concrete structures such as bridges, silos and viaducts need to be monitored and inspected for corrosion and voids regularly to guarantee the security and safety of humans. This process is currently time consuming, dangerous and costly.

Voliro can conduct potential field mapping and resistivity measurement on concrete structures for rapid assessment of rebars corrosion. Our omnidirectional drone can generate up to 20 newton force against obstacles to conduct stable and reliable physical inspections. Equipped with different sensors, our drone can collect all the needed data. Drone inspection automation reduces the inspection time and can even eliminate the downtime of the inspection object.
All-day flight via tethered system

up to 25 min. on battery
reliable contact-based inspection

UT (Ultrasonic Testing) and DFT (dry film Thickness)

in addition, close-up visual inspection and mapping
autonom-ous mission to collect large amount of data fast and efficient
inspect structures of any orientation
stable flight in up to 36 km/h wind
Sub-centimeter localization accuracy, independent of GPS availability