The mission of the VoLab, Voliro’s R&D division, is to pursue cutting-edge research for tomorrow’s drone technology, to cultivate close relationships with academic and industrial partners and to be one of the premier places to work for world-class researchers.

Our VoLab team is a diverse group of inventors who build and launch technologies that revolutionizes the use of drones in the future. We are working on several projects to improve our existing product and to be able to offer more services to our customers in the near future. Highly skilled researchers and visionaries are at the core of our innovation to make work safer at height and contribute to a safer working environment.

Our expertise in science, research and technology and our passion for disruptive technologies enable us to anticipate and respond to the ever-changing needs of businesses. Here, you can read more about our current research projects and explore how the future of commercial drones looks like.



We are currently developing a reliable and stable drone solution to clean different surfaces. The potential of an omnidirectional drone in the cleaning industry is immense. Not only can a drone prevent severe accidents at work but can also increase resource efficiency. Our ambitious VoLAB team reached already a stage in which we can conduct pilot tests. The drone solution of Voliro is already used in the spray-painting industry. Our  VoLAB team adapted the learnings from these projects into the development of the “AllClean” system and improved the coordination between the flight pattern and the spraying. If you are interested to collaborate with us for the further development of our “AllClean” system, as a partner or customer, please contact us directly.


The flight capabilities of our drone enable us to exert forces and moments in all directions, making physical interaction with the environment reliable, robust and stable. With this unique capability and the hundreds of falls from ladders experienced by our team, our VoLAB team decided to develop a reliable solution to perform installation tasks at heights. Our drone equipped with a drilling machine already performed a drilling task in 2018. The learnings from this mission are included in the current development of new installation solutions. Moreover, several pilot projects are in planning to gain more experiences in the field. The close collaboration with trust-worthy and ambitious partners allows us to develop a market-ready solution. We are open for collaboration with partners and customers who share the same vision as we do: prevent accidents at work caused by falls from height.

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