Voliro develops the next generation of autonomous flying robots, an omnidirectional platform with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment. This shifts the abilities of service drones from “fly and see” to “fly, see and touch”. Voliro robots are “Hands in the Sky”.This novel ability to interact with the environment through a flying platform opens the door to large markets where construction or maintenance tasks at height require additional infrastructure. Such tasks include Non-Destructive infrastructure inspection where a sensor is often required to be in contact with structures, spraying of fluids to clean buildings facades, cleaning of walls and windows, painting and coating of surfaces and even firefighting through the windows of buildings.
Chief Technology Officer
Timo Müller
Chief Executive Officer
Mina Kamel
Robotics Engineer
Thomas Schneider
Robotics Engineer
Marius Fehr
Business Development
Loris Niederberger
Robotics Engineer
Dario Mammolo
Robotics Engineer
Florian Braun
Robotics Engineer
Anurag Vempati
Robotics Intern
Livio Giacomini
Robotics Engineer
Nicolas Schneidt

Advisory board

Advisor Robotics
Prof. Dr.
Roland Siegwart
Advisor Business
Heinz Herren
Advisor Inspection
Prof. Dr.
Ueli Angst